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Feb 11 2011

8 Ball Diner Grand Opening – Saturday 19th February

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The 8 Ball Diner
A12 Northbound
Near Witham/Rivenhall
Phone: +44 (0)1376 573403

8BALLOPENLong time VW enthusiasts Brett Hawksbee, Brian Burrows and Pete Fearn launch their latest venture next weekend as Saturday 19th February sees the Grand Opening of the newly refurbished 8 Ball Diner in Essex.

The guys have created The 8 Ball Diner with the vision of providing the best facility in the UK for any car or bike enthusiast club or group. The Diner reflects its owners’ passions for cars and bikes both new and old, 50s lifestyle, Bikes, Drags, Vintage and Kustom Kulture – but their ‘take’ on this still manages to offer the style and comfort of a truly 21st century restaurant and bar. They care about the food, their customers, and the facilities, just like they always have done when promoting VW events. They are currently building a calendar of events for 2011 and onwards, with clubs ‘hosting’ a regular night, breakfast meet, or day meeting at the 8 Ball.

The Grand Opening, on February 19th 2011, is an opportunity to drop by to check out the diner, and find out what Brett, Brian and Pete have planned for the future. The diner will be open throughout the day, as well as through the evening, in a preview of what a club night at the 8 Ball has to offer. Club secretaries might want to use this event to pop down and make arrangements for their own club nights etc.

Situated on the A12 Northbound at Rivenhall, Essex, between Chelmsford and Colchester. The Southbound ‘detour’ is just a couple of minutes. Parking is available for 200+ bikes, or 70+ cars. The venue offers restaurant and bar facilities, as well as comfortable seating, pool, pinball, and an interior fusing retro imagery and contemporary styling. There is no question that the 8 Ball is all about a love of cars and bikes, but other areas have not been overlooked. The sound system, plasma TVs and air conditioning help create a ‘club’ atmosphere, but that’s not a reason to not indulge in the extensive British and American styled food menu.

Following hot on the heels of the Grand Opening, Sunday 20th February, from 8am sees the first 8 Ball Diner ‘Big Biker Breakfast’. It’s a big introduction for all bike enthusiasts to see what is on offer at the 8 Ball. Also expect to see a few car and VW bus guys who will have stayed over from the previous night’s party.

From stepthroughs to superbikes, it’s a rideout not to miss. It’s for street bikes, cruisers, tourers, choppers, mopeds, and everything else. Drag bikes, vintage bikes… all are welcome to spend the day, and even the evening at the 8 Ball.

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