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Jul 26 2009


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24th to 26th April at Santa Pod Raceway – The Fun & Friendly Family VW Festival


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Big Bang Camper and Bus is now over for 2009! We’re sorry if you missed it, because it was bloomin’ good. Not only did the sun shine most of the weekend, but there was plenty to do and see, and two great nights of partying to boot. The weekend started off with Alternative Energy Racing on the track and bands and comedy in the Big Top. With the sun out and weekenders steadily streaming through the gate, Big Bang was off to a great start. Once the jam sessions bands had finished in the Big Top, Alan Hudson kept the crowd amused with his comedy magic show. Meanwhile, the campervan tug-off competition was taking place behind the grandstand. In a Herculean feat of strength, Shaun Fradsham tugged the mighty hulk of a fully laden van across the line in 9.19 seconds, but respect goes out to anyone who gave it a try, from old men to petite ladies.


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Friday night entertainment was split between a rock and indie night in the Big Top and some big beats in Fuelers bar. Saturday started with a little bit of drizzle, but by the time the hangovers had cleared, so had the rain, and the track opened for Run What Ya Brung. There was no embarrassment for even the slowest buses and clapped-out bugs on the dragstrip- everything was welcome and yin and yang of the universe was kept in balance by the super-quick cars, including the likes of Stefan Betzeüga who ran an amazing 12-second pass in his Splitscreen van, a world record for a Splitscreen and any non-turbocharged van.

Taking place behind the grandstand was the campervan cook-off, where budding chefs got the chance to make a feast for a king out of the scraps of a peasant, using only the implements in their campers. Taking top honours with his delicious spam fritters (yes really), was Kev Mclean in his T25.

Over in the Live action arena, the monster truck and jet beetle put on some great shows throughout the day and then handed over the expanse of tarmac to the handling track which for the second year was extremely popular. There aren’t many places where you will see type 3’s understeering around cones at full throttle, but you could here, and a riotous time was had by all who took part. Note also that the best of show car for the show & shine took part!

The kids disco took place in the late afternoon, and parents were glad to have Nitro the dragon, Jimbob the Chicken and top kids entertainers take care of things for a couple of hours. The disco was certainly popular with under-11s and everyone was very sad when it had to make way for the hard-drinking and thumping tunes for the big kids. Ivan McCutcheon and Trademark saw to things in Fuelers Bar and the madness of This Was TISWAS went on in the Big Top. We can’t really tell what happened in there, but it certainly was interesting…

Sunday morning broke with bright sunshine and a slight breeze- perfect weather for washing and drying those show cars heading over to the Show and Shine. With Big Bang’s biggest-ever entry, this was a tough one to judge for the Volksworld crew, with Terry Fuller taking the ‘Best Of Show’ award home.



On track, the VWDRC and invited race classes battled it out in the drag racing eliminations, and great track conditions produced some exciting racing.

If you would like the full race report, check out Eurodragster’s excellent report and gallery here:

Thanks to everyone who came along and made this another great event. We hope you had a great time and we’ll see you back at the Pod soon!


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