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Dec 16 2011

New Wolfrace GB Wheels. Catania and Messina

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New Wolfrace GB Wheels
Catania and Messina

•    Two new Wolfrace wheels available from February 2012
•    Up to five years warranty – TUV approved.
•    Catania – five stud fitments – 8.0x17” 8.5x18” 8.5x19”
•    Messina – four and five stud fitments – 7.0x15” 7.0x16” 7.5x17” 8.0x18”
•    Price from: Messina £126.95 Catania £175.95

Wolfrace launches two stunning new designs in 2012 – Catania and Messina, part of the premium Wolfrace GB range.

The striking new Catania is a directional design finished with exquisite sculpting on each of the five spokes – Wolfrace has enjoyed huge success with other designs of the same ilk such as Lugano and Murago and this will no doubt continue in 2012.
The subtlety of the Catania’s styling and the wide range of five stud fitments makes the wheel suitable for many of the latest generation of passenger and executive 4×4 vehicles including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Ford and VW.

The new Wolfrace GB Catania is available in a multitude of five stud fitments in sizes 8.0x17” 8.5x18” and 8.5x19”. Offsets vary between ET30 and ET45.

The second design – Messina, is a multi-spoke design engineered for optimum lightness. The 17 ultra thin spokes extend to the rim edge and the wheel is finished in new Royal Silver finish – a high quality durable finish that enables Wolfrace to offer a five year warranty when the product is registered at Messina is also TUV approved.

The new Wolfrace GB Messina is available in 7.0x15” 7.0x16” 7.5x17” and 8.0x18”. The 7.0x15” is available in four and five stud fitments whilst the 16” 17” and 18” versions are available in five stud fitments only. Offsets vary between ET22 and ET48.

Suggested retail prices for the Catania and Messina are;
Catania from £175.95 (8.0x17”)
Messina from £126.95 (7.0x15”)

Wolfrace GB is a collection of wheels from Wolfrace available with a warranty of up to five years (on standard finishes when the purchased is registered online at and with TUV certification – the European mark of quality ensuring consistently high standards of manufacture and finishing.

Wolfrace wheels can purchased from any of the 500+ Wolfrace dealers throughout the UK, use the dealer locator on or call Wolfrace Wheels (UK) Limited on 0845 330 9896 to find out which dealers are nearest to you.



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