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Dec 20 2011

5 Glove Compartment Gifts

Posted by volkszone

5 Glove Compartment Gifts

The average car-lover won’t venture into their precious motor without knowing they’ve got all the things they need in case of emergency: a car jack, jump leads, all their paperwork and, of course, comprehensive breakdown cover with roadside recovery. Come Christmastime, it can be hard to think of a present for the auto-head who’s thought of everything!

So below, we’ve compiled a quick list of five helpful in-car gadgets that’d make perfect stocking fillers. They’re all small enough to fit in a glove box but their impact on your loved one’s life could be huge. Pretty soon, they’ll be wondering how they lived without your nifty gift.

1. A dongle: There’s nothing like driving along to your favourite tune – and a ‘dongle’ (or FM transmitter) is a small, wireless tool that lets you do just that! By plugging the tiny gizmo into an mp3 player, they’ll be able to play the DJ as the tracks of their choice sound through the car speakers.

2. A digital A to Z: Choose from the famous A to Z’s Sat Navs for up-to-the-minute maps of Western Europe and London. This is a slightly more expensive present but it’s invaluable for someone who drives for a living. It’s the same kit that’s used by London cabbies to get around the capital’s complex city centre.

3. A life hammer: Though you’d hope your loved one won’t ever have to use this potentially life-saving gadget, it’s an in-car essential they’re probably lacking. These small, sturdy hammers can be used to knock through windows in an emergency, allowing those in the car to escape.

4. An in-car inverter: Incredibly useful for the busy businessperson or technology fan, this device has a three-pronged electrical socket which plugs, via your dashboard outlet, into your car battery. It means passengers can use laptops, drivers can charge things on the go and car-proud drivers no longer need a pesky extension cord for their vacuum cleaner!

5. A rechargeable torch: Many motorists will go without this essential tool for driving, but there’s nothing handier in a crisis. Whether it’s helping them find the boiled sweet that rolled under the passenger’s seat or shining light on an engine that’s playing up, they’ll have cause to thank you for this unusual and useful present.



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