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Jun 21 2016

VW Heritage Floorpan Gasket

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One of the key components for reassembling your body-off Beetle restoration is a top quality floor pan gasket because, let’s face it, once you’ve hoisted and restored once, you’ll (hopefully!) never need to do it again.

Of course installation is also key, but VW‘s decision to switch from a rubber seal to a foam gasket is considered to have taken place at the Mexican production facility in Puebla in the nineties. For easy, self-adhesive installation it saves time over waiting for a sealant to go off and is much easier to bend and meld to suit the contours of your floor pan.

Once installed, this exclusive to VW Heritage, UK made with brand new tooling alternative will prevent any annoying leaks while providing a wonderfully dense and cushioned seal for your beloved body to drop on.

Liberate the hole in the wall of £34.96 and set your web browser to: or dial 01273 444 000 if you have a query, and would like to talk with one of the VW Heritage technical peeps.


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