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Apr 13 2010

The Volksworld Show 2010

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Sandown Park, Esher, Surrey

March 27th & 28th 2010

Words and pics by Chris ‘Funkmaster Red’ Redford.


The annual convergence on Sandown Park in Surrey by many thousands of VW fans marks the true start of the show season. Now in its 16th year, it is no surprise that it is so well attended as the show attracts some of the very best show cars from all over Europe and sometimes even further afield.

SDC11583 SDC11551

This year was no exception and over the weekend of the 27th-28th of March, the venue once again filled to capacity with some very delectable German metal and many eager punters who came to look and drool.


SDC11480 SDC11482 SDC11485

SDC11490 SDC11493 SDC11494
The show has it all, from show cars that are examples of perfection to club stands, traders, a swapmeet and various displays, activities and demonstrations taking place throughout the weekend. There really is so much to take in that you can spend the whole weekend there and still not have seen it all.

As soon as you entered the main doors you were greeted by an original ‘Herbie’. Next to that, the newly revamped Volksworld Fridolin was on display and people could make a donation to charity to sit inside it and have their photo taken and then made into a replica front cover of the magazine. VW Heritage were also on hand to convert the giveaway Beetle into an Empi GTV replica over the course of the weekend. To one side was an artist creating paintings by dipping the tyres of remote control cars into paint and then driving them around on canvas.

SDC11483 SDC11497 SDC11498

When you left the entrance hall, you were immediately faced with the show cars. They were spread over 2 floors and this year, the variation and quality was breathtaking. There were too many to mention them all but the ones that stood out in my mind were the ‘Baja’d’ Brazilia, The Hammered Inc., roof chopped, split window Beetle, A Split powered by a mid mounted V8, a replica of a Tamiya Sand Scorcher, an insane New Beetle funny car, a ‘Steampunk’ inspired Split window Beetle and there was also a Hebmuller sat next to a custom hard top version. All of the above drove away with Top 20 awards for their efforts.

SDC11511 SDC11517 SDC11522

Outside, the SSVC put on their usual, excellent display and were joined by the Early Bay club and the T2D stand. The Type 2 Detectives had 3 of their best creations on display. The notorious ‘TV Bus’ was joined by their slammed Brazillia and the recently finished and stunning Mk 3 Golf which uses a Type 3 chassis and a Type 1 air-cooled engine to get it moving. This also won a well deserved Top 20 award, which is the first time a Golf had ever taken a prize at the show.

Outside, the club area was equally as busy with some excellent vehicles and inventive stands. ‘New Waves’ and ‘’The Panzer Paint Scrapers’ duelled it out once again with excellent displays and this year the former was the victor having supplied their own sound system to keep people entertained. The cars on display ranged from Bugs to Busses, Trekkers to 356’s and even some of the rarest VWs in the U.K namely an Australian Country Buggy and an Iltis.

After the show closed on the Sunday, the majority of people left with an exhausted smile on their faces. There were of course the usual online gripes over the following days concerning expensive food, a packed swapmeet and difficulty in parking but these are all a testament to how successful the show is. The Volksworld show is up there among the very best VW shows in the world and I’m already looking forward to 2011.

SDC11557 SDC11546 SDC11525


Top 20

Stephane Dandeville – 1957 Cabriolet, Iris Blue, Belgium
Steve Collins – Orange Metalflake Buggy, Mark Dryden
Gregory Van Hillenbosch – Brown Squareback, Belgium
Shaun Knight – Champagne Edition Bus
Eric Roja – 1967 Cal Look
Ben Coates – 1969 Resto Cal Ghia
Christian Grundmann – 1949 Hebmuller, Germany
Barry Livel – Brown single cab, Holland
Bob Burrows – 13 window bus
Xavier Adam – Orange raised Brasilia, Belgium
Matt Balls – Aircooled Mk3 Golf
Rudy Olivencia & Eric Thon – New Beetle, France
Dave Harries – Rover V8 mid engined split bus
Tero Vilta – RestoCal cab, Finland
Walter Jellinek – Sand Scorcher Beetle, Bavaria
Richard Clark – Resto Split
Shrek – Das Oval, Beligium
Aurelio Papi – Made in Italy gasser, Rome
Matt Keene – Drag Beetle
The Williams Brothers – 1950 split Beetle custom

Visitors Choice
Tom Varkala – Marathon Beetle

Prosign Choice
Tom Varkala – Marathon Beetle

Kinky Mick’s Crown
Thomas Koch, Hammered Inc roof chopped Beetle

Footman James Best Club Stand
New Waves Club

Best of Show
Thomas Koch, Hammered Inc. Roof Chopped Beetle


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