: Diesel Subaru Boxer engine - yes, DIESEL!

19-02-2008, 09:21 PM
Just read the Motoring section of last Saturday's Toriegraph and found an article on the soon to be released Subaru Legacy DIESEL and this isn't any old diesel it's a Boxer, the world's first!! (well I say the world's first but I am sure someone has already developed a flat four diesel aero engine)

Doubtless it won't be an easy transplant with all the electronics but it might be one to watch for the future.

50mpg, 148bhp & 258lb/ft are the vitals, pretty impressive.

Only thing is we will all have to wait for salvage vehicles to appear and a 'pioneer' to do the first conversion so it may be a while before we see a diesel boxer Bay or Splitty :(

I'm looking at putting a VAG 4 pot diesel in my microbus so always looking to see what else is out there, a flat-4 diesel would be a dream transplant, just a shame it is a wet engine ......


19-02-2008, 10:02 PM
See the links below for more Subaru diesel info. However, before everyone gets too excited, there is a reasonable chance that these sngine will be impossible to make run outside a VW. So far I have managed to find out that they will have CAN bus electronics, and a factory fitted immobiliser system FAR more complex than previous Subaru's (as will all MY08 --> Subaru's). This will definitely mean retaining far more of the Subaru's other systems.
A friend works in the diesel mapping and emissions control industry, and he reckons it'll be a long tme yet before aftermarket ECU's are available for common rail diesels. Many of them inject diesel 5 times per cycle apparently, so it sounds like they make petrol injection look basic.
I intend to pioneer this conversion, however, it's going to be a big risk, cost wise, due to the unknown work involved to con the immobiliser into thinking it's still attached to a Subaru.

The turbo position is far from ideal - it won't be any use in lowered VW's. However, 60 mpg sounds worth compromising ride height for to me.....




ps - please don't ask me for more info on the diesels - I don't have any!

20-02-2008, 07:57 PM
I will have a word with my local dealers they are Hyundai/Isuzu and Subaru so I will ask them what the score is. I should be able to get the info as all my Hyundai parts come from them.