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This has turned into a massively depressing thread with all this Adele.

Have something which lightens the mood a little.

Picture this...

a fat man with no energy left. A Swim followed by a 17km bike ride and 4km run behind me. I've only got 1km left but my tanks are on empty. I want to give up. I want to stop moving and lie down to recover. I shouldn't be doing this. I can't do this.

I am broken and have nothing left to give. I'm going to fail like everything else I've ever attempted. So close to the finish line but so far away.

Then I switch to my secret weapon. Something I've been keeping back for the whole bike ride. Something which I've needed for the whole of this run but deploy it too early and I'll not have anything to get through the end.

I pull my iphone out of my pockets. I Jump to the end of my playlist. And there is it. Better than any drug, food or drink. I crank the volume up to 11 and press play.

And I speed up.
I'm sprinting as fast as my legs can carry me.
I cross the line.
and in the gayest display of pride, confidence, resolve and determination.... a single tear rolls down my cheek (hidden by the gallons of sweat pouring off me).


and for a split second, I was stood on top of those steps, fists triumphantly raised into the air. That was me.

So there you have it. Or more truely, there I have it. I now have something which can take me from anywhere mentally to a great place. To the top of some steps in a film. To the last km of a triathlon. To anywhere I want to be. But it doesn't really take me there....it just reminds me that I can take myself there. I can go where I want to, be who I want to, do what I want to.

Sometimes I need to be reminded of that.
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