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Default Anyone know about autographs? Value.

I found an old postcard from when I was about 9, and on it is the autographs of FC Porto the portuguese ootball team. I was on holiday in Portugal in 1979 and the team were staying in the same hotel. I went up to the captain and asked for his autograph. He signed the postcard and then took me round each player for them to sign.
Does anyone on here know if it has any value or where I could get it valued and a fair price? Thanks
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I have a Norman wisdom autograph
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The only autographs I own are the from the members of Wolfsbane.
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mr slug
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I have a few autographs, or more accurately - signed documents.

My understanding is that the value is increased enormously if they are not just a lone signature on a bit of paper.

My Dad had Charles Dickens autograph, didn't make much money at all - however, Robby Burns signature on a cheque (for 3d) made a considerable sum at Auction.
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