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Lost and Found Post here if you're trying to track down an old car . . . or maybe you can help someone find their long lost first ride. Forum available for sponsorship

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Default UFM841K - Green VW Fastback

I sold this car to a friend of stav69 back in about 2006 I think. I have REALLY sketchy details about who it went to, but I think the chap who bought it from me was called Matt Founheen or Fountain? (it's the surname which I'm really unsure about as I can't read the writing on the receipt very well).

I've contacted stav69 a few times, but only once I think had a response where he was going to ask his friend whether he still had the car, but then things went quiet and I've not been able to contact him since (that was a couple of years ago I think)

The car has been off the road since it failed its MOT back in 2009 and I would dearly love to find this car and buy it back.

If anyone can help, then PLEASE PLEASE let me know

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I really must get out more

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sorry not a lot of use to you at the moment, but

I bought that car off the original owners family with either 16K or 18K miles on the clock many years ago.
I took it to Stanford Hall that year and it caused quite a bit of fuss in the concours
It still rates in my books as one of the best VW's I have ever driven and I have driven and owned a fair few.

I sold it to Peter Nicholson from St Annes after about 3 years of ownership.
I'm sure it turned up for sale on here a few years ago but I could be mistaken on that point.
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It was on here. Had it had a bigger engine fitted? It looked rather sorry for itself and I remember thinking it was a shame especially considering how good it was in the late 80s early 80s
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Thanks for the posts gents. Interesting to know some more about the history of the car prior to my ownership.

Yes, it had the larger engine fitted before I bought it, along with a few other bits and pieces. I wonder if it's my advert from 2006 which you recall seeing on the forum as I've looked through the old threads and I'm unable to see a later for sale thread for the vehicle. If you have better luck than me in finding the thread, then please let me know as that would be my next lead in finding this car.

Thanks for your help
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