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ikebe super
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Default Azn's "Dung Beetle" on Street Outlaws

Don't know about you guys that watch this programme but Azns Dung Beetle always gets my interest.

Apparently it's putting out over 400bhp and has seen off many exotic/fast cars on the street.

Azn also seems very good off the light and really knows how to drive it. The speed off the start is damn good. Would love to see this car up against the usual Top 10 cars but due to it being a bug and all the others being Yank cars it seems (on the programme anyway) to be used just for 'fishing'.

They don't seem to do so much during the day now (probably been caught too many times) as most of the races happen at night on a quiet road.

For those of you that dont' know it:

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alfie the monster
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As quick as a 400 hp Beetle is, it's not going to see which way a tube chassis car pushing 2000 hp went. I read the the Crow Mod was running over 2500hp! One of the guys said last week that they were tripping the 8th mile at over 135mph, which is probably what the Dung Beetle would finish a qtr mile in.
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ikebe super
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It's tough to tell how fast each one is other than 'extremely'!
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