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Old 02-01-2010, 03:33 PM   #1
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Default Squareback, slammed and solid

Hi there,

I am selling my squareback after much deliberation, so here goes.....

Was using it as a snowplough a couple of weeks ago!!!

MOT about 7 months, tax just run out, will sort before sale though....

Car was subject to a full body off resto around 7 years ago of which i have copies of all photos, suffice to say it was stripped back to virtually nowt and rebuilt. Car was blue but has been fully repainted in VW anthracite which looks great. Previous owner had it 10 years and spent a fortune on it, then the engine blew up, he was let down by a garage that was gonna rebuild it and never did, then he got married and more important things took over and the car sat. I knew about the car locally for ages an always wanted it, and after much persuasion, he sold it to me....

Good points:-
- Super solid with all gnarly welding done well (photos to prove)
- Slammed on the deck, lowest car i have owned
- 1600 twin carb engine that doesnt rattle or evrn leak!!
- "Early look" car combination of early and late wings ie the back wings have the superior later airvents, but the cool early lights and reflectors, fronts have late fuel filler cap, but early indicators.
- Have 10 years of history from Andi (prv owner) including birt certificate from VW in Wolfsburg.
- Proper comfy Sparco bucket seats (on proper runners)
- No carpet so you can see exactly how solid it is.

Bad points:-
- 1973 so not tax exempt
- As above, it is SLAMMED, so ride is quite harsh, but you knew that right?
- Solid car, but some bubbly rust, mostly on the bolt on wings so repairable/ replaceable. Drivers door has hole on bottom hence the gaffa tape.
- Hole on front scuttle about 10p size, I am happy to repair this though dependant on what price is agreed.
- Wheels are looking a little past their best, thought about painting them read and putting whitewalls on for the hot rod look.

Car is by no means a show winner although with a little TLC could be, the hard work has been done although it still looks wicked and I PROMISE YOU MOST PEOPLE STOP AND STARE AT IT as you drive past (I am sure mst people think "what the f+ck is that?")

As it is so low, I was using it as a snowplough a couple of weeks ago!!!

Anyways, price is 2495 ovno and enjoy the piccies. They were taken in the rain, so not the best....

If you wanna know more either call me on 07816 999223 pm me or email is shamilee AT Car is in Watford, Herts.

Thanks for looking.... Chris.

Some of the resto from a few years back....

So you can see, heaps of work, a great looking car and loads of fun to drive, good home requied please as it is not an easy decision selling....

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Old 04-01-2010, 01:35 PM   #2
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I have emailed u & replied to the ad on the type 3 forum too, but I have thought of some other things I could do with knowing . . .

Do you have any pics of the rear seat & rear load area & pics of the "bad bits" you list?

Also I see it has no carpets, does it have a headliner?

What is the size of the rear load area with the seats down?

How has it been lowered?

Does it have bumpers (even though not fitted in the pics)?

Sorry for all the questions but this would be a big purchase & be my only car so I need to be sure on what I need to do to it & if it would be suitable for my purposes.

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Old 05-01-2010, 08:06 PM   #3
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Here we go after some cold photography earlier!!

See pics of rear seat and load area, also the bad bits......

Badbits are a little bubbling on the gutter, i have tried to show the bubbly rust on the wings, it really is manly just on te wings so could be repaired or replaced if desired,its only obvious when up close....

Car has headliner was done with resto (looks patchy but it ain't, the car is currently full of condensation due to being parked up and not driven, i will chuck a heater in it to try it out)

Lowered by Type 3 detectives Years ago, just by rotating on the splines, could be raised up easily if required.

No bumpers they were junked years ago!!!

Ill let the pix do the talking, any questions, just shout.....

Front interior pan shots, the orange stains are due to the car having sat with water in due to one of the windows being broken prior to me getting it.

Front scuttle hole.....

bubbly gutter

bubbly front wings and gaffa taped hole in drivers door.

I have put the pix up to try and help represent the overall condition of the car, it really is a nice solid car which, with a little tlc could be a bet is to come see it in the flesh....It is hard trying to capture all the little spots and marks.
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Old 12-01-2010, 11:05 PM   #4
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Snow has melted, can now see car again!!!!

Anyone fancy a rock solid variant to fettle before the summer??
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Old 13-01-2010, 08:48 AM   #5
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nice looking motor, stripped mine down last year, not half a solid as yours. Always good to see another well looked after Squareby

Whoever buys it wont regret, I used mine as a daily for over 9 years, tons of space and lowered ones drive far better than lowered bugs

Good Luck.
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Old 13-01-2010, 09:11 AM   #6
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Liking this a lot, good luck with the sale.
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Old 17-01-2010, 05:21 PM   #7
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Snow has gone fully took the car out for a spin in the sunshine....
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Old 18-01-2010, 08:42 AM   #8
not quite in ghia
I really must get out more
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thats well nice if i had the cash and not too many vw's at the mo i'd have that
list for this year to get on road
54 lhd oval
71 1200 beetle (our lasses)
will be ticked as they get done
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Old 19-01-2010, 02:01 PM   #9
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whats happened for that hole in the scuttle to appear, looks like something use to be there before hand
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Old 19-01-2010, 04:44 PM   #10
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i thought this had sold before xmas.... had the money now i aint
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