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vw beetle documentary: the shape of quality (1/3)

Title vw beetle documentary: the shape of quality (1/3)
Category VW Related
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Date 03-07-2009, 10:38 PM
Description This australian vw beetle documentary is called: the shape of quality. This documentary focusses on the technical issues of beetle production in Australia in de early '60s.
That makes the documentary less interesting for the general public, butr even more for insiders: people who are 'into the beetle'.

For instance: it strikes me to see that during beetle production the window rubbers are put into place manually with a hammer, with the risk of damaging the fresh painted body. Also the use of a thread to push the rubber in place from the inside of the car is easy to see.

The film was directed by Fred Schepisi.
Volkswagen Australasia.
by Mr Unhinged
Hoster YouTube int.
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