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Dec 9 2013

No Dub Aid For 2014

Posted by volkszone

The organisers of Dub Aid have asked us to pass on the following information…


Dub Aid as you know has always been about charity.  Each year the team have worked hard to ensure that as much money as possible goes to help our chosen worthy causes.  Everyone from Suppliers and sponsors down to each and every Volunteer have been chosen because of their amazing continued commitment to Dub Aid.  The show would not of been possible without them!

Since Dub Aid 2013 the team have been working tirelessly to find the right venue for the time of year that we hold Dub Aid.  As most of you will be aware DA 2013 was hit by adverse weather which resulted in the gates being closed to visitors as the show ground itself became impassable.  Of course, we’ve been invited back to Charlton Park, but they have asked we hold the show at a different time of the year.  Herein lies the Catch 22; If we hold Dub Aid in the peak summer months not only do we clash with some seriously established shows but our suppliers would be unable to help us, as they have in the past, with some amazing offers and sometimes free products!  This in turn would raise our costs, resulting in reduced profits and potentially no money for the charities!

Believe you me, we’ve racked our brains and visited many different sites over the last 6 months but have been unable to secure a suitable venue that wouldn’t break the bank and is willing to host the show in March or April.  And with only 3 months until our usual show dates it highly unlikely we’ll see a venue step forward to remedy this situation.

For this main reason it is with huge regret and a seriously heavy heart that the DA Team have come to the decision that Dub Aid 2014 will not be possible.  We hope you can understand our decision.

But all is not lost!  We’ve put too much into Dub Aid to see it just disappear!  We’re continuing to search for the right venue and we still believe we’ll find it.  Dub Aid 2015 is our goal, we want it to be bigger and better than previous years!  We’re aiming to be one of the best shows of 2015, and a not to miss show year on year thereafter! So, with your continued support, that you’ve shown us year on year, we have every hope that we’ll be seeing you in 2015!

As soon as a venue is agreed will post news of our success on our website and Facebook page.

Thanks once again for all your support.

The Dub Aid Team

p.s. if you think you could help with a venue or perhaps know someone who might then please get in contact with us!

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