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Jan 31 2012

Paint Shop Pros spray booth hire

Posted by volkszone


A word from VZi’s latest sponsors – Paint Shop Pros…

At last somewhere to paint your car. But we could use your help to get going…


Like you, I am a Vdub nut and there is nothing I enjoy more than the build process on a new project. However… I am sure that you have had the same experience as me when it comes to finding a place you can spray your car or someone who can spray it for you.

Most garages just aren’t interested in full re-sprays as it doesn’t make the best economic sense for the business. This usually means that you have to wait for a friend of a friend to become available who can do the work for you in 6 months time or you lose patience and decide to paint your car in the driveway and then spend 3 days polishing out airborne contaminates, flys, runs, orange peel and removing overspray. Sure it develops a good right arm but so do other male hobbies.


Having been in this situation to many times now I decided to see if I could create a mobile Spraybooth system that works and fellow Veedubbers and myself could use. After nearly a year, loads of testing and far too many expensive mistakes I have got the solution for us, but I need your help…


Please could you confirm that I am not crazy and the VW community has a genuine need for a mobile spray booth service by registering a potential interest or comment at the website or helping to promote the service through word of mouth and As a thankyou anyone who registers an interest on the website will receive a discount on spraybooth hire services when they need it.

Using a spray booth to paint your car has many advantages and it really makes the job easy for the inexperienced and the professional to achieve paint results you are proud to say ‘I did that’.

Being mobile carries additional advantages as you have no worries about transportation, reassembly or MOT’s and the booth is ground level for weedhuggers and 2.4m high for camper vans. We do supply spray equipment as part of the spray booth hire although you are welcome to use your own if you prefer.


We don’t just provide spray booth hire we can also supply an experienced painter if you don’t won’t to spray your own car and our old school sprayers love doing custom paint work as well.

GAVIN (Paint Shop Pros)
07429 725 093



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