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AutoXY – the leading car search engine in Italy has recently launched the UK version of its site.

AutoXY, the leading car search engine in Italy, has launched the UK version of its site. AutoXY is an aggregator of used car ads on the web, which allows users to find a huge number of used cars in their area.

So what exactly is AutoXY and how does it work?
AutoXY can best be described as a powerful search engine for cars which indexes more than one million car ads published by about 50 different specialised sites and car dealers. During the importation of the ads to AutoXY, the quality of every single ad is controlled to ensure the completeness of the ads concerning the make, model, price, mileage, year of registration and location. Also all the other information concerning the features and accessories of the car is displayed by the AutoXY search engine. Furthermore, the ads are supplied with pictures.

As with conventional search engines, you have a great deal of freedom to search for specific terms. This is what makes AutoXY so useful when looking for a car – you just need one click to select your preferred vehicle and one more click to specify your desired location. You will then be presented with results that match your search. It’s very easy to use – everything from the search process to the simple graphical interface and the filters to refine the search, guaranteeing an extremely simple and fast search for a car.

Additional features to the search engine
At any point of the search you can easily specify (among other features):
– the type of fuel (petrol, LPG, Diesel, eco car, hybrid, etc.)
– the body style (hatchback, convertible, SUV)
– the colour
– the year of manufacture

Email alert
By subscribing to the email alert the user is able to save an unlimited number of searches, using different criteria. The user receives an email when AutoXY has indexed new ads corresponding to the saved searches. Most importantly, this alert enables the user to locate a car as soon as it has been listed. In fact, an ad is rarely online for more than two months and often the sale is carried out within two weeks.



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