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Mar 1 2018

Money-Saving Bundle Deals from Machine 7

Posted by brian

If you are performing a restoration on your Beetle, or have identified that your door & door window seals are a bit on the tired side, this bundle of seals will really help out. This complete kit contains all of the seals for both of your Beetle doors, including the main door seal, all of the window seals, scrapers, and furflex trim.

Suitable for all Beetles from 1952-64 onwards with small windows & opening quarter lights (not suitable for models that have been fitted with one piece windows).

This great kit will help keep your bug draught and water free, come sun or rain!


A good reproduction quality complete engine gasket set for 1300-1600cc engines (single & twin-port).

This kit includes all of the gaskets you need to assemble your engine, including the Flywheel / Crankshaft main oil seal, as well as a full set of pushrod tubes.

This kit is perfect for your winter engine overhaul.

The kit contains all the parts you’ll need to replace to prevent any more oil leaks, and is what you need if you’ve got the engine out and are removing the cylinder heads for any work.



Is changing gear in your campervan like stirring porridge? Are you finding it difficult to select gears, and is it a guess whether you’re going to find Second or Reverse?

If so then this is the kit for you! This kit comes with a quickshift upgrade which reduces throw by 40%, giving you a much faster gear change.

The usual problem is that these are fitted to an old and worn linkage; making it even more difficult to find any gears.

This kit solves that issue by including all of the important bits that are often left out! Do the job once, and do it right!



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