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Oct 1 2010


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Please note: Does NOT Fit Brazilian Type 2.


This ‘blag’ enables VZi users to purchase Aluminium Side Steps for only £75.00 each – the RRP is £91.90


We realise that these products aren’t going to be wanted by every single VZi user, but every penny saved in these times is a bonus – and we are sure that these discounts have helped at least some VZi’ers save some pennies. If this month’s ‘blag’ is of no use to you, we apologise for any inconvenience, we will continue to bring you discounts on varied and useful products each month – just for being a VZi Member – so, at some point there will be the perfect ‘blag’ for you.

Offer is only available until the end of October 2010 – so please get in quick!

The webpage link to the Side Steps is HERE. (Please click.)

Once you have chosen to purchase, before ‘checking out’, you will need to enter a code to receive the discount. This code can be found in the thread on HERE.


Once again, we would like to say a huge thanks to Mark Reynolds and all the guys at Just Kampers (and the other companies who join in) AND those behind the scenes at Volkszone that make these great ‘blags’ possible.

Please visit Just Kampers website at: for more bargains.

Jul 6 2010

VAGfest – A new show?

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Sunday 11th July
Santa Pod Raceway,
NN29 7XA
01279 72 52 52

Introducing yet another NEW SHOW! Well not really… a show with a 20 year pedigree, but radically different. VAGfest, Santa Pod, July 11th 2010 – is everything that the old GTI Festival was, and more. It is a one day show for air and water cooled VW’s, Audis, Seats, Skodas… and it is the only show where all marques get equal billing.


All owners of Volkswagen Group vehicles are welcome. The organisers are re really keen to see as many clubs as possible represented, and are also hosting for the first time at any VW show anywhere, the ‘show within a show’, Girlz N Dubz. All female owners can get to show off their pride and joy in the ‘Girlz N Dubz’ competition and display. Girlz N Dubz will definitely become the coolest event in the UK for female owners… The girlz will be interviewed about their cars, their interests, and there are a number of trophies up for grabs, for their performance in the show arena as well as on the track. All will have an equal chance against the guys in the regular Show & Shine too.


All clubs are invited to display during the day, and the ‘Best Club Display’ at VAGfest carries a £100 charitable donation, to a charity chosen by the winning club. The Show & Shine has a massive number of awards including Best Audi, Best Skoda, Best SEAT, and Best VW, Best Engineering, Best Paint, Best Engine, Best Van and many more. There are also ‘top twenty’ trophies covering all the marques. Awards on the track include quickest VW, Audi, SEAT and Skoda, as well as a number of awards based on engine sizes for all VAG vehicles.


The organisers are also really keen to see as many transporters, campers etc, including late models, because we really want this show to evolve to include every Volkswagen Group vehicle, past, present and future. Lamborghini, Bentley and Bugatti are therefore more than welcome too, although owners should be aware that there are several regulars at these shows who are best avoided on the racetrack unless you want to look a bit silly.

As well as the ‘Dizzy Rascals’ autotest course, there will be a couple of demonstration vehicles, a 5 second Fuel Funny Car, and the equally impressive – regular crowdpleaser – The Fireforce Jet Car.

July 11th – Santa Pod – Just £15 for a day of Girlz, Dubz, Clubs, Traders, Sprints, AutoJumble – and everything else ‘VAG’.


Dec 2 2009

Fat Face Campervan winner announced!

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Steve Ralph from Hertfordshire has been given the keys to drive away in Fat Face’s £35,000 original, split screen VW Campervan, ‘Zebedee’!

VW winner006

The best bit is he gets to keep it forever, after winning it in a massive competition that generated interest from as far afield as Australia and America! Steve just filled out his details in a Fat Face store and was randomly selected from the thousands that applied, desperate to get their hands on Zebedee.


Steve gets himself probably the best Christmas present he’s had for some time and will be able to do some serious festive posing in his new wheels! I couldn’t believe it when I got the call telling me I’d won it,” explains Steve, “in fact I’m still bouncing off the walls now! For 2010 we had planned to cruise along to the East Coast (Great Yarmouth) and travel the coastal road all the way down and round the country to Dorset (or as far as we can get in the time period). Doing this is Zebedee is going to be amazing and we would love for summer to be here now!”

The giveaway to win the 21 window split screen beauty was launched to celebrate Fat Face’s 21st birthday. It’s the second set of Campervan keys that Fat Face has given away; the first belonging to founder Jules Leaver who had to sell his (rather beaten up) camper to fund the early days of Fat Face. However, the same sense of loss was felt by Fat Face today as Steve drove Zebedee away! However, Fat Face was delighted with the huge level of interest the competition drove and reading the many bribing and begging letters to win the Camper also made for great reading!

There were also 5 Cheeky Weekend winners who get a Vanilla Split VW Campervan for the weekend. They were Brendan Steenkamp, Jason Harling, Claire Ballantyne, Joseph Goode and Andy Hilditch. Problem is they have to give the van back but they’ll be guaranteed a good time for at least a couple of days and they also get £150 of Fat Cash to splurge in store!

Keep an eye on Fat Face’s Community pages for more competitions, event details or general Fat Face cool stuff! You’ll also be able to track where Zebedee goes as Steve will be sending through details of his adventures in Zebedee! Check out

Oct 1 2009

Funeral firm uses VW hearse

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A MIDLAND funeral firm is offering Volkswagen fans the ultimate send-off – by using a VW hearse.

Clare Brookes and business partner Michelle Orton, both aged 35, created the hearse when they launched their unique funeral van three years ago.

The Atherstone-based pair, who are VW enthusiasts, spent £8,000 restoring it and following the company’s first funeral in December 2007, business has been booming.

It’s believed to be the only aircooled funeral fleet in the world.

Funeral Volkswagen Camper Van.

Clare and Michelle also offer bereaved families the choice of 3 stretched Beetle Limousines and bus/camper van fleet for funeral hire.

Clare said: “I have always loved VWs and so I thought to myself, ‘What would I like to go off in?’ I just thought, ‘Stick me in a camper van’. Her family are funeral directors and have a wedding car company so this was a natural progression.

“If that’s what I’d want, I thought there had to be a market out there.

“Our Hearse was born in 1972 and was a Mortuary body removal vehicle, so it was already a hearse.

Funeral Volkswagen Camper Van.

“we fully refurbished the exterior and interior and installed a coffin beir.” The van, which has hire charges starting at £400, has been used for more than 40 funerals nationwide. Clare said: “People will naturally interact with the van and touch it. It also breaks down the barriers and gives people something else to talk about at a funeral.

“While many families continue to prefer traditional funerals, an increasing number are now changing traditions in many ways.

“We are often called in to provide a tribute when a young person has died. The look of the VW can help brighten a very sad and difficult day.”

Nichola Green, who used the VW hearse for her father’s funeral said: “When my dad Brian passed away suddenly earlier this year my family were looking for a funeral service with a difference and which reflected him as an individual.

“Dad had seen the hearse at a classic car show and thought it was a great idea but we didn’t think we would be calling upon it quite so soon.

“While the day was a very sad occasion, the hearse looked brilliant when it arrived at our house. Dad would have been amazed.”

* The camper will be on display at the Classic Motor Show, running from November 13 to 15 at the NEC.

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