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Association of British VW Clubs

The Association of British VW Clubs was formed in 1987. Several individual VW Clubs joined together in order to gain benefit from being part of a large national organisation, rather than just members of what was quite often a small, local Owners Club. By banding enthusiasts together in this way, it was hoped that more outlets would offer greater benefits such as discounts for members of a national organisation.
The ABVWC also offers it's own Insurance for it's members and member clubs.

However, ABVWC would also recognise each individual Club's right to retain its own traditions and methods.

The ABVWC has grown over the years and now represents over 4,500 enthusiasts belonging to over 50 different Clubs nationwide - probably the largest VW group representation in the UK.
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Buggy Club UK / Beach Buggy.org.uk

Online Beach Buggy Community / Club come and join us!
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Club Concept

The UK's first and largest club dedicated to the New Beetle. News, Forum, Events...
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Corrado G60 Owners Register
Corrado G60 Owners Register

Corrado Vr6, 16v, 8v owners welcome.

Home of the Vw Corrado G60, the supercharged coupe manufactured by Karmann Coachworks, Osnabrück, Germany 1988-1992 and designed by Herbert Schäfer.

Here you will find the Corrado G60 Forum, the Corrado G60 Register, Corrado History, Corrado G60 Buyers Guide, Classifieds, Corrado Guides and Technical Help to keep your Corrado G60 in peak mechanical condition.

We now also have some great information on: The VWMS Corrado 16VG60, The Corrado G60 jet and a collection of the factory Corrado G60 wheels.

You can also find Vw Corrado G60 for sale, Corrado Parts for sale, Wheels for sale in our Classifieds or find those rare Vw Part numbers. Our Corrado G60 Reviews may interest potential new Vw Corrado G60 owners.

See also Watercooled 
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DKR (Der Kafer Rennfahrer)
DKR) VW Drag Racing Club. Der Kafer Rennfahrer when translated to English means “The Beetle Racers” so there is no doubt what this club is all about.
The clubs birth was a result of a need for a South East of England based club dedicated to VW drag racing, to enable like minded people to share their passion for VW drag racing in a fun, friendly and slightly competitive way.Since launching we have members from all over the country joining. The club was inspired by clubs such as the SAS Rennwagens and JG54 Greenhearts and I hope that one day this club could share at least half their success.

Meetings are held on an adhoc basis and at various VW drag racing events around the country and the details of these are announced on this website. This club is open to anyone to join who meets the Membership rules.
1.You must own a VW Beetle (or Karmann Ghia, Fast Back or Square Back or beach buggy) that is road legal
2.Your vehicle must be have run a Sub 15.0 second quarter of a mile and evidence of this is required via a timing slip. Membership has three levels to promote a little interclub competition, as is based on the Christmas Tree lighting sequence. Red membership is awarded for a sub 15 second quarter mile pass, Amber membership for a sub 14 second Pass and Green membership for a sub 13 second pass
3.The club is open to both Air cooled vehicles and Alternate Engine (A/E) vehicles
4.Membership is free of charge
5.Certificates and Stickers are awarded to members on joining the club
6.Club T-shirts are available to members at cost

We hope to see you track side soon. Come and say hi!
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Emergency VW Gruppe
Established in 2008 for Emergency VW enthusiasts interested in Fire, Police, Ambulances and Mountain Rescue to Coastguard and Lifeboat vehicles.

We are UK based but currently have member across Europe.

The Emergency VWs Forum!

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Jeans Register
I am trying to set up a register for Jeans Beetles.
Hoping I can find other Jeans out there.

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Founded in 1982, the club caters for all Karmann Ghias between 1955 and 1974.

Membership of the club stands at approximately 500, with members in all areas of the UK as well as overseas. Within the UK meetings are held on a national basis, and there are several separate areas holding their own local club meetings throughout the year. Regular contact is maintained with other European clubs catering for Karmann Ghias and international meetings are held jointly with them from time to time.

Many people join the club before buying a car and they are most welcome. The main benefits of membership include:
● The service of Club Spares Secretaries to advise on parts etc
● A full range of discounts on spares available from VW specialists.
● A comprehensive list of specialists supplying spares/services in the UK and abroad.
● An informative club magazine, Karmann Komment, published six times a year.
● Free advertising facilities through the club magazine.
● Special low-cost Agreed Value insurance schemes for Karmann Ghia owners.
● Technical advice and contact with other Karmann Ghia owners and committee members.
● A full range of regalia available from our Club Shop Secretary.
● A register of cars for sale.
● Spares for sale through the club.
● Advice on what to look for when buying a Karmann Ghia.
● A broad programme of Karmann Ghia related events.

See our website: www.kgoc-gb.org e-mail: [email protected]

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VW Karmann Coachbuilts Web and Forum
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VW Owners Club of Great Britain
The VOLKSWAGEN OWNERS CLUB (GB) is a club open to owners and enthusiasts of all types of Volkswagen Vehicles - air and water cooled. Membership runs for 12 months from the date of joining.

The VWOC (GB) celebrates over 50 years of serving the VW enthusiast - as such we are one of the oldest Volkswagen clubs in continuous existence in the UK.

We are a non-profit organisation, run voluntary by its members for its members - help from members is always welcome.

The Club visits many VW based events throughout the year which allow members to meet with fellow enthusiasts with similar interests.

The Club publishes a magazine, CLUB NEWS, which is posted to all members, as well as general club information it features technical articles, news from the motor sport scene, show reviews, members letters and classified adverts.
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