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Angel Dubs
This is the new website for the Angel Dubs Volkswagen Club / Meet / Society / Autonomous Collective / Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune.

Angel Dubs are a friendly group of VW enthusiasts who enjoy camping in & with our Volkswagens, attending the numerous VW Shows around the country and generally having a good time with some great friends!

We are based in the North West of England, primarly around Warrington and we have a wide variety of Volkswagens spanning the almost the entire history of Volkswagen™ itself. Right from early aircooled Beetle's from the 1950's right up to the latest VW Transporter, the T5. We have everything from long term garage projects to show winning vehicles, with everything in between! Including Ovals, Splitties, T25's and Trekkers/Things!

Currently there are plans in the pipeline to meet up and hold a regular gathering somewhere in the region. We are currently in the process of checking out suitable venue's in and around Warrington.

Check out our site for detail of up and coming meets
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Border Dubbers VW club
Border Dubbers VW Club was formed in January 2007 to fill an empty hole in the lives of local VW owners.
We cover North Cumbria and South West Scotland.

We meet on the third wednesday of each month at the Turf Tavern in Carlisle from 7.30pm.
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Bugnutz North Manchester
Bugnutz North Manchester Vdub club, Meets every 2 weeks at the Ainsworths Arms 8.30pm A58 Bury Bolton Road Bury Just north of Manchester,All welcome check out website for more details.  
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We are a small club of Volkswagen owners, drivers, passengers and friends based in North Staffordshire and South Cheshire. The club was set up in the summer of 97. Above all, we aim to be a relaxed and friendly club for meeting other VW enthusiasts.

All of our meetings are held at the Bulls Head on the A50 between Alsager and Holmes Chapel (Smallwood). We congregate wherever they is space to stand a pint, but are quite easy to identify.

The meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month, and will be basically a social event, though we will discuss our plans for upcoming events (very informally) and any ideas and plans. As we rarely have many of our own, we welcome these from anyone.

See the website for more info.
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Demon-Dubs - Warrington
Volkswagen meet for Warrington and beyond!! We have no rules, no fee, just a passion for EVERYTHING VW! All Air & Watercooled V-Dubs are welcome.. Actual ownership of a Volkswagen is not even necessary! If your thinking about investing in a VW Camper, a Beetle, Golf or any of the other models produced by Volkswagen. Why not come along to one of our meets? You never know, we may just be able to point you in the right direction!

We meet from 3pm, every 2 weeks on a Sunday at the Hermit Inn (WA2 8SJ). Unless we are attending one of the numerous VW Shows

see our website for details
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Donny Dubbers
A new club for all VW lovers in the Doncaster / S yorks area.
We will be meeting on the 1st Tuesday of each month. See the club forum for more details.
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Dub Wud
Hi , Dub Wud was set up 3 years ago by one person wanting to have a group were there were no fees and it didn't matter what you drove as long as you loved vw's . Neil set this up on facebook and facebook is were we post cruise information were we suggest camping weekends ,family days out . Of course there is the usual stuff about the main meets and shows but most of us are skint and so put all our money into our rides .
The group is made up of t4/t5 forum members and aircooled owners plus the odd golf owner so makes for good days out as we agree our group is all-types .
We meet at 2 venues evenings prior to cruises or big meets ,its the bay horse thornton cleveleys and daytime weekends at fleetwood hangtime kitesurf shop carpark .
All this information can be found once you have been invited to join our facebook group .
our aim is to bring northern vw groups together to share in build info and techinical info and to have what is available in southern clubs . we are part of the northern vw family and hope to eventually meet and greet everyone either at Blackpool Breeze events or at one of our weekend cruises .
Dub Wud
for vw in fleetwood and our friends in the north .
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Following a few personnel changes in 2011 the club was re-named from the old Durham Dubbers founded in 2007. We are a friendly and free club and forum with lunchtime meets every 2nd Sunday of the month at the Dun Cow, Fencehouses, DH4 6DY.

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Furness VW
Furness VW is a gaggle of VW nutters from the very South of the fine county that is Cumbria. Wet VW's, dry VW's, old and new.

We meet on the second Thurday of the month at the Farmers Arms, Newton-in-Furness. Most folks usually land around 7.30pm. There's always a few new faces each month - feel free to pop along.

Fairly unreliable club homepage: www.furnessvw.co.uk

Slightly more reliable club forum: http://furnessvw.freeforums.org/
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Harrogate & District VW Club
Harrogate & District VW Club a free no rules relaxed air cooled/water cooled club

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