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Jackrobbo 23-10-2020 10:43 AM

At home sand blasting?
Iím at the stage with my project now where I need to get down to bare metal.

Has anyone had any luck with sand blasting at home or in a small workshop.

When I did the pan I used my home made sand blaster which consisted of a gas bottle with a 1Ē fitting welded at top and bottom. The bottle pressurises with a air and sand mix and the hose fires through the bottom propelling the media. Worked really well but I was constantly out of air.

I have a sealey 3hp 150l compressor. So not a small naff one.

I reckon my creation was a tad too big and the 1Ē discharge hose I believe was too big. As was 1/4Ēair feed from comp.

Has anyone used or bought a pressure pot/ siphon blaster and had good results? Or found an alternative for paint prep. I donít want to add water into the mix.


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Beetlebank 27-10-2020 08:12 PM

A little off-topic, but as you have done a pan, I assume it is a Beetle shell you are planning to sandblast. Whilst it would be ok to do the shuts/inner wings/unseen areas, sand blasting will distort 'open' panelwork. The metal will actually grow towards the side being blasted and can cause significant distortion.

Most folks state that it is the heat generated which warps the panel - it's one of those myths which just won't die, and is demonstrably incorrect as wet blasting makes the distortion far worse. The effect is as follows. Each particle of abrasive indents the surface, creating a jagged crater with the metal having been pushed out around the 'pit'. The millions (billions?) of tiny craters create compressive forces in the blasted skin of the steel, and the net effect of these forces trying to equalise is that the metal bulges towards the blasted surface. Peen forming or straightening and controlled peening for fatigue life works on exactly these principles and is an interesting and little-known subject worthy or research.

Mr Brown 10-01-2021 09:33 AM

I would also add, please donít use actual sand for blasting. It was made illegal to use as the silica dust is terrible for the lungs. Even with air feed masks etc as the dust can stay suspended for hours in the air. Give it a quick google. Itís not worth it.

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