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Originally Posted by kiwitodd View Post
Looking to give a bit more life into the stocker I have
Twin dell36 with vintage speed airfilters with breather pipes , going to breather tower
V.s exhaust with heaters
Serpentine kit?
Thin sump
Cb pump to make external oil cooler?

Twin 36s and the airfilters, although those air filters will do nothing that a standard one won't. Forget breather towers, they are bolt on junk that will most likely make your engine worse, the stock one is best. Serpentine kit, looks great but unless you are going to be making super high revs it is pointless. Oil cooler on a stocker will probably make it worse. Get your self a stock SVDA and fit an Accuspark ignition module. Those fancy dissys won't give you anything that a stock unit doesn't already do. Don't bother with deep sumps they are pointless.

Personally I'd fit the carbs, exhaust and electronic ignition and then make sure the rest of the ancillaries are as good as they can be. i.e Make sure all the correct tinware is in place with flaps and a thermostat. Don't bother with repro tinware, s/h OE stuff is far superior. Once all that is done, see how it is. The carbs will give you a fair boost in power on their own.

After that start looking at heads and cams.
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