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Default So has anyone done 'Wörthersee' ? and also driven from the UK?

So a Tedious link happened Saturday night when me and my wife were busy watching the new Spiderman film, where for one part of the film they were going through Austria and I said, the reason to go to Austria is Worthsee!

My wife was like eh? (even though she likes vws) and I had to explain that Wörthersee is both a place and a VW Gti show, something we should maybe do before a child comes along.

and when I say do it, I mean drive it. I have a Mk4 Golf V6 4motion and though it would be good to go in an actual golf with a bit of power, enjoy some open roads and so on.

So then I started looking at Distance!

Furthest I have driven is Lake Garda in Italy, which I did in a 2012> beetle sport, driving to France for Le Mans, short stop in Geneva, on to Garda, for our Honeymoon. On the Way back we drove 2 days Italy>France, stopping in France over night.

I think that Journey was about 900 odd miles, quite tiring. I checked Wörthersee and going France>Germany>Austria to Wörthersee is about 959 miles each way I was thinking thats alot of driving.

Maybe Day 1 drive to Stuttgart look at some Porsches?, Day 2 to Salzburg and look at the salt mines, Day 3 to Wörthersee and see the show while there, the lake looks beautiful, equally that also means 3 days home, as I dont fancy doing a Topgear Special where we drive 900 miles in one sitting!

The other thing I am not sure about is what sort of thing is likely to happen if Brexit ever happens, if I'll need lots of extra documentation or anything.

So Anyone done it or recommend it? Good places to go through Europe while traveling that sort of distance?
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