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Don't forget ''Big Als WorldOfRandom''
My BEEFCAKE series is all about stuff don't to my Subaru Powered Bug and have loads more to share, scare vids, drag racing, tuning day, more mods .....the list is long.

It's all very boring, but I hope I'm getting better at not being a mumbling erring bafoon. Been a real personal development in my communication skills!!

Here's the car related vids...first 7 in my BEEFCAKE series.

All being well im going to show you how to make a great mod for your bug next month

Also planning new series on random dub related stuff and how to's, a series on my Rat Rod build I'm wanting to start soon (off to chat to someone tonight who I'm hoping will be helping me with it, fingers crossed), and will be doing a build series on another bug......I haven't given a name to yet

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