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A friend of mine had a Cooper S MINI and I soooooo wanted to hate it. Just because. It seemed the fashionable thing to do As they go it wasn't an especially nasty one, no stupid Union Flag wing mirrors, nor chrome and tat. But it was a BMW, and a horrible bloated desecration of the Minis I grew up in and around.

Then she made me drive it

What a bloody awesome little car. It shrinks when you're inside it so you forget the bloated swollen exterior styling, it rips up the road delightfully, skitters about through corners like a puppy on rollerskates and is basically the most involving and immersive new car I've driven, possibly ever. Damn, cos I so wanted to hate it but it was bloody brilliant

.....then the plastic cam tensioner failed and it mashed the head on the A3. Apparently it's a known "thing". So it's OK to hate them again
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