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Brian Burrows

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Having been away for a few days and just catching up . . . and in light of a couple of recent threads on here lately . . . a couple of suggestions if you decide to post a "XXXXX is shit, he/they ripped me off" thread . . .

1. Please stick to FACTS . . . hearsay and/or insults will get your thread locked or deleted. VZi is quite happy to 'go to bat' on others' behalf . . . but based on FACTS . . . not insults

2. Post using your EXISTING user name . . . 'first post wonders' are treated with suspicion. That's just a fact of life. Sorry.

3. Rival companies with axes to grind. Joining in on a serious complaint thread with "I told you all 87 years ago - I called them R.I.P.O.F.F. back then etc. etc." doesn't help things . . . OK Lee? I know your heart is in the right place but it doesn't help things dude

We'd prefer the injured party contact the trader/seller directly and keep it off the forums. However, we DO realise that a thread in Chat can produce borderline miraculous results (we've seen a lot of folk get a result thru' posting in Chat ) especially when the 'seller'/'trader' won't respond to emails etc. We are quite happy to host genuine complaints (without insults) whilst giving the 'other' party full right to respond too.

So . . . it's no use moaning about 'freedom of speech' if you abuse that 'freedom' . . . use it responsibly . . . stick to FACTS and you won't go far wrong.

Thanks for reading

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