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Morning Bri,First off i dont have any axe to grind and none of these rip off company,s are my rivals , they prove that not me.
My involvment comes from people that phone me and ask what they can do because they feel they cant post on here because the doo gooders will back up Mr nice guy, when as you well no Mr nice guy is usually a big fat con man, i think its pretty sad that the mods feel the need to make tags read differant things because of what i post.

Some of us are involved in 10 to 15 hour days that revolve around the vw scene , you soon get to hear about scammers, are you saying that i should keep my big mouth shut about these scammmers then? and let fellow v dubbers carry on getting skanked, facts are we told you so years ago about certain companies and most choose to believe that we have hidden agendas and are jealous do me a favour carry on as you where, to be honest i dont give a fuck either way, we are rammed out with work and sales are up this year ( Pr Jan),

Well good luck out there guys, do your home work before you buy.
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