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Originally Posted by [ captain-spanky ] View Post
Hi, does anyone here use any apps/online places for invoicing?

I'm looking at 'invoice2go' but it seems limited to only a few customers/invoices per year unless you start paying out for a subscription... can anyone give any 'real world' recommendations?

To give a bit of context, I'm wanting to process quotes and invoices for freelance graphic design... ideally with the option to pay online too...
how funny I have just posted up about invoice to go on another question asked on here..

I was like you... really

Bite the bullet and buy it.. it's been brilliant for me and I hate paper work!! I tried to use other free things for years but really.. you got to pay for some thing to get the best for you.. and I really rate that Invoice2go thing ... you can take card payments too.. Ive not done it yet but looking to use it as paypal card terminal is $$
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