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Originally Posted by M.I.B View Post
I made mine out of right angle ally strip on one car and ally tube on another.

Ally right angle strip - cut pieces about 2cm long. Drilled the pieces one hole per "flat"

Tiny bolt and nut to hold the piece to the "glass" and once they were all on, held the window in the right place with masking(paper) tape, marked the holes, then drilled and riveted them. Worked OK.

Tube - ally tube about as round as a pencil and long BA bolts, nuts and tiny washers. Drilled tiny holes around the edge of the "glass" lined up with the centre of the lip in the window hole. Then laid the glass in place and held with paper tape, drilled the welded seam/lip of each window aperture. Then nut and bolted them. Worked OK too.

I then put some black seam sealer on the tiny gap between the body and glass - kept the air out and made it a bit more water proof when it was on the trailer.
Thanks mate, Is plexiglass the best stuff?
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