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Default Car was ours...

This car was bought from new for my Grandfather (replacing his Austin 1100) by my Dad in 1970.
Eventually Granddad gave up driving and he gave the car to us.
The car was one of 500?? special celebratory "June Beatles"?? (denoted by the particular shade of orange)
The old man always used to say it was the most financially sound car he ever bought as he paid 500 for it
in 1970 and sold it (same battery and tyres having spent nothing on it) in 1980 for the same amount.
WHO 412H moved us from Frimley Green to Bathealton in Somerset and many of my childhood memories involve
journeys in this car.
We had a bit of a bump with a neighbours Land Rover sometime during the late 70's resulting in a, quite significant, front end repair.
The only other accident involved a sheet of ice and a couple of 360 degree pirouettes ~ fortunately missing hedges and all other obstacles ~ eventually ending up oriented
and travelling in the original direction.

I've typed the plate into Google a few times over the years and it surprises me this post originates back to 2006 and I have never noticed it before.
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