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Default At home sand blasting?

Im at the stage with my project now where I need to get down to bare metal.

Has anyone had any luck with sand blasting at home or in a small workshop.

When I did the pan I used my home made sand blaster which consisted of a gas bottle with a 1 fitting welded at top and bottom. The bottle pressurises with a air and sand mix and the hose fires through the bottom propelling the media. Worked really well but I was constantly out of air.

I have a sealey 3hp 150l compressor. So not a small naff one.

I reckon my creation was a tad too big and the 1 discharge hose I believe was too big. As was 1/4air feed from comp.

Has anyone used or bought a pressure pot/ siphon blaster and had good results? Or found an alternative for paint prep. I dont want to add water into the mix.


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