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Originally Posted by viralto View Post
To get real value out of your Netflix subscription, it's really worth subscribing to a cheap (or some are free) VPN service. In simple terms (for non-nerds!) it creates a secure connection between your machine and a server in the USA so that Netflix 'sees' you as connecting from America and lets you access the movies and shows available over there.

That way, you get access to a much larger selection of content:

Netflix UK: 3429 movies/shows

Netflix USA: 7169 movies/shows

Some of them are on both, so the total available is 8907 movies/shows :-)

It doesn't matter what your address is or where your card is registered, they only look at the IP address you connect from to decide where you are and the VPN connection makes me appear to be connecting from San Clemente, California!
Those using a VPN be prepared to lose the lot.

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