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Originally Posted by bat and ball View Post
Took voluntary redundancy got another 7 year's before I retire thinking of going on an pipe fitting agency know it's a bit of a bit of a minefield but was advised to get an accountant worked for the same firm for 38 year's so never had to worry about work but now iv got to stand on my own 2 feet. Heard some stories over the years how they rip blokes off left right and centre don't want to get caught out but not entirely sure what to do . Cheers Paul

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So, am I to understand that you will be working freelance? Sub-contract style? Zero hours contract stuff?

If the 'pipe fitting' is part of the construction industry
(HMRC have a list of trades/job descriptions, that they classify as 'construction related')
Then a whole different set of rules and regulations apply.

However, you will find that much greater responsibility is loaded on tne 'main contractor' in construction related business, much less on the sub contractors - so you may find that doing your own tax return is simply a matter of filling in an online form.

It really does depend on the exact definition of your job, and your employment status.
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