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Originally Posted by mr slug View Post
So, am I to understand that you will be working freelance? Sub-contract style? Zero hours contract stuff?

If the 'pipe fitting' is part of the construction industry
(HMRC have a list of trades/job descriptions, that they classify as 'construction related')
Then a whole different set of rules and regulations apply.

However, you will find that much greater responsibility is loaded on tne 'main contractor' in construction related business, much less on the sub contractors - so you may find that doing your own tax return is simply a matter of filling in an online form.

It really does depend on the exact definition of your job, and your employment status.
Yeah pretty much all this^^^

My limited knowledge/understanding of the pipeline business is that if you're willing to travel and be flexible they main contractors generally seem happy to take you on direct.

I know a couple of young lads that did it, the money appears good but you have to work for it and none of it is easy work. The lads I know who went for the work we're placed in the jobs purely by their size/physique in that you look big enough/strong enough to shift heavier stuff so you can go there. Both lads had no experience and were trained to do the relevant job on the job.

Agencies, yeah they'll get 20 an hour and pay you 10 but thats the nature of the industry.

Whatever you do, good luck
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