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Originally Posted by Sol Ford View Post
Virgil, Gaddings Dam and the water was 19*c, another couple of weeks and it'll hit 22-23*c mark and swimming is positively encouraged. Let me know if want to go and I'll pass on the turning markers.
I know Gaddings, near Todmorden (it's about 10miles from where I sit now), just the other side of the hill from Withens Clough- it was one of the ones Pete was going to train in, but he ditched in favour of Withens 'cos there is a road and a car park within about 200m. Pete was doing long training and a few of us went up to support and do short stints with him. Withens is still a Yorkshire Water reservoir, so whilst they don't prohibit swimming they don't encourage it either. A YW guy turned up halfway through our session, saw that we were kitted out and being sensible, had a chat and moved on.

19's not too bad, once you've got past that 'kiss the underside of the scrotum' moment!

My lad is off to Switzerland this weekend (Scout Camp) and one of the activities they are doing is swimming in a glacier-fed alpine lake (I think it might be the Oeschinensee, near Kandersteg) I'm guessing that is going to be "somewhat fresh"... BrrrRRRrrr!
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