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Originally Posted by Shamrockez View Post
Looking at getting a new log burner and the subject of pellet burners keeps coming up.

Does anyone have any experience with them? Are they worth having over a normal log burner?

Thanks in advance
We have one here.

It's superb.

The pellets are supplied in 15kg bags (about 4€ a bag) - in the very cold (like now) a bag lasts about a day and a half and keeps the whole of the downstairs warm (we have no other heating.)

Spring or Autumn time when it's cold - but not very cold a bag will do two (or more) days.

The 'ash' ends up very fine (like cigarette ash) and really easy to clean - a small pull out tray.

We're really pleased with ours - it's made by 'STOVEItaly'.

Hope this helps.
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