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Originally Posted by Sol Ford View Post
Just to give you something to think about. Have you considered a tank?

Off the top of my head, bottled gas is around 90-100ppl, depending on bottle size. I would expect to pay less than 40ppl if you bought bulk (tank). If it's something you'd be interested in, I can probably come up with some suggestions to getting good ongoing deals.
Does a tank have to be underground? I have minimal storage space to keep one so it would have to be slim and not take up much more room than the bottles really (I have 4).

Originally Posted by Big Al View Post
My missus best friend business is wood burners. See if happy to pass number on?
Donít suppose they are based in Somerset?

Originally Posted by crmalcolm View Post
Used Pellet Burners on a few occasions when we lived in Italy.
Seemed to generate a lot of heat, and performed very well in warming up fairly large rooms.
I was surprised with how easy it was to keep them clean, and how little waste there actually was.

The only drawback I found (on the ones we used) was the handling of the pellets in their bags/sacks.
Having to carry them into the house from the storage area (particularly frustrating when outside was freezing). Then having somewhere to store the bag near the burner (could be seen as an eyesore).
Finally, the filling of the burner. Each one we used was top filled, which meant either struggling to lift the bag, or using a scoop to decant the pellets.

Not major drawbacks, but I guess it depends on who will be handling the bags. It can be a challenge for some due to the size/weight, and a bag of pellets can be seen as less aesthetically pleasing as a stack of logs.
Thanks for the info. It would be me lugging there bags around - Iím used to that though as I use them as bedding for my horse - I guess I could bulk buy for both of them and use economy of scale to bring the price down for both.

Do they warm the room up pretty quick or take a while like a log burner?

Thanks all
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