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Originally Posted by Shamrockez View Post
Does a tank have to be underground? I have minimal storage space to keep one so it would have to be slim and not take up much more room than the bottles really (I have 4).
The tanks are like Wombles, underground or overground.

They don't even need to be near the property, I go to one that's about 30m above the roofline of a property, up a hill and some tanks are over 100m away.

An underground one will leave you with a green manhole cover about 700-800mm in diameter. Some put them in the front garden with a plant pot or bird bath on the cover. I've even seen some with decking over them and a trapdoor to access them.

Some are tiny 200/400L, not much bigger than the large bottles. The 1200L and 2000L are the most popular (1400L is an option too).

The bigger the tank, the better it is to get a deal, you don't need to fill them as often, so if you time it right and you've plenty of gas when your contract expires, then there's deals to be struck.. If it's nearing the end of the contract and you're running low, get a part fill. Don't get the autofill (telemetry) option or they'll just turn up, fill it and bill you. Basically, play the system.

The sizes I've posted are the fill limits, the tank's actual size is about 10-15% bigger.
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