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Originally Posted by Shamrockez View Post
Hmm very interesting, thanks! What kind of cost would it be for an over ground and an underground one respectively? Say 1200l for both.
That's the part I don't have an idea about. I'm based in a cylinder depot, so don't have any bulk bosses or staff on site, just my wagon and the holding tanks. I've only met my direct boss four times in eighteen months and three of those days were courses. It's great!

This is all educated guesswork. A lot depends on the siting and if you're able to do any of the work yourself:

Above ground will be cheaper than below.

Nearer the property will be cheaper, less pipework and trench excavation and backfill.

Can you lay your own concrete slab, to sit it on?

Can you dig your hole and trench to put it in. Have you access to digger?

I doubt there's much price difference in tank size. A slightly bigger slab/hole will be needed, but all the kit and materials will be brought to site anyway. A bit more concrete or an extra thirty minutes digging a bigger hole won't bump the cost significantly, especially if you point this bit out to them when getting a quote.

If you live in an area with a high water table, an underground tank may 'float' when (nearly) empty. After all, it's a big, air-filled tank sitting underwater. It doesn't happen very often (99.9% don't), but it can. It will be fixed free of charge, it's not your fault, but you'll be gasless for a day or two, until they come out. Think of it as a pipe cracking on the mains gas network.

If I remember and I get the right sort of properties, I'll get a couple of photos over the weekend of different sized tanks.

If I turn up to refill your gas tank, it's tea, no sugar and a tiny bit of milk. A biscuit is nice, but not essential.

One last thing. The gas companies take a dim view if you decide to paint the tank to look like Thomas the Tank Engine. Google it!
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