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Originally Posted by HelenaAG View Post
Heya all,

The article fails to mention that the breach was for a third party plugin. This breach is on countless sites across the internet and not just limited to ours.

Their system was compromised and they grabbed user data for us and thousands of others. We cleared our part of the breach and went this route to further security. This is also in place as many members on the internet use the same or similar passwords across all things they use.

We cannot go into detail at the moment as it is being dealt with on a legal level.

What a load of fluff and bullshit.

Whether it was your own system or a plug in that you use, your database was still hacked 4 months ago and you didn't bother to tell anyone and then to rub salt in the wound you try to hide behind some crap about making security changes to make it a better experience for us.

I'm not angry at VS for being hacked, it happens. What I'm pissed off with is the complete lack of transparency about the situation and a total lack of respect for the users of this site by bullshitting about it and trying to hide it.

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