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The one area that has caused more sleepless afternoons than any has been the engine choice. At first I figured that there was no rush, I can decide at the end. However that is not the case as I need to build in the rear engine mounts and I also need to ensure the bodywork won't foul the engine.
So my choices:
It must me a flat four (flat 6 is nice but too heavy )

Vw Waterboxer

Subaru was discounted because it's too modern for the look I'm after.

For about one year I was convinced I wanted an alfa. High revving, sweet sounding over 100 bhp from stock. So I bought one. It was a 1.7 with twin carbs. Problem was it was in Devon and I'm in Telford. The moment I won it on eBay the conversation with my good lady went like this:
"How do you fancy me whisking you off for a couple of days somewhere, Devon maybe?"
"Oo that would be nice"
"Great it'll be so romantic..."

I mentioned popping over to pick up an engine as we passed Taunton services.......
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