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Originally Posted by Rycooled View Post
taller tyres would definitely be the easiest way, something I was thinking about which ive seen is 16" banded steels on the rear which i guess would have the same affect?
So dont do the axles?

Cheers dude!
I like banded steels

I'm assuming you want race axles so they don't break.
My point is that there will always be a weakest point, as you upgrade one part another becomes the weak link, increases in engine power, tyre height/width and suspension add to the strain on the drive train, my opinion is that if something is going to break I'd rather it was cheap and easy to replace, if you upgrade your gearbox for strength, suit your clutch to your engine and treat your axles well by preloading and avoiding hard launches then stock axles should be ok with your engine spec.

I run a lighter buggy, but with 245/50/17 tyres a turbo'd 1641 all on a stock IRS box with stock axles, I've no plans to change them yet.
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