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Originally Posted by evilC View Post
There are quite a few standard cars that run 6"x15 steel rims as OE and a few use 7", plus old style Wellers in 7" are readily/cheaply available. It is very easy to cut the weld between the centre and the rim leaving the rim totally intact. The Bug centre is then welded in with whatever offset you want and is something I would do at home as it really is simple. The amount of weld that goes back will be marginally greater than that ground off but nowhere near what banding adds. Banded wheels are notoriously difficult to balance i.e. they are well out of balance and I would rather have a wheel using an OEM rim than have one with masses of weights on it that looks naff.

Without going into the argument about the safety aspects of banding I just cannot see the logic in banding when the same result can be achieved in a much simpler and cheaper way.
Spot on, thanks for the reply.

Thats what I was wondering.
I have changed the offset of a Merc wheel this way to use as a spare for my rail.
I also wondered whether the rim from another wheel of the same diameter will always be the same bore size.
As it happens I have some 6.5 x 15 steel wheels and I would like to go to 8 x 15 and thats why I was wondering about sources of rims. I'm thinkin that they arent going to be easily available from production cars as wheels that wide would more likely be alloys.

Where rims are available I would agree with you that its a lot easier, cheaper, simpler, better engineered generally etc to swap the rims.
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