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For many years Romanian Gangs have been defrauding people who want to buy VW's and other makes with fake ads, of vehicles that have previously been for sale. They hijack e bay accounts by harvesting the login of an innocent ebayer. They then they post a copy of a previous legitimate add and send a fake paypal invoice to the victim. They victim then thinks they are delaing with a geuine e bay and sends the money via the 'nominated paypal bank account'. This victim has then lost the 5500+ of funds with no vehicle and all communication from the scammers ends. The vehicle never gets delivered and the victim realises they have got scammed.

Currently scammers scam about a million pounds a week, and despite extensive commuication with the police/ebay/paypal/banks none of these organisations do anything about it.

However after about 6 months of trial and error Ive now worked out a way to claim the moneyback! It can take about 30 hours per case to be succesful but is possible.

Some of you will be familier with Buster Jack who busts these scams (get e bay to shut them down), well he and I have been working on a claiming money back method for about 6 months - probably longer and have had good sucess, so if you've been scammed or know anyone who has let me know.

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