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I really must get out more
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thread dredge!
Rather than a holiday home, I'm looking for something similar to the OP, but habitable initially, rather than a renovation and a permanent residence, rather than holiday home.
Has anything changed much since this post?
Brexit stuff? I am due a new passport in December and am entitled to an Irish one, as my parents were both born and raised in Wicklow...would that 'ease my passage'?

I love the look of the areas, the people and the space.....plus, I can hopefully buy something outright with my pension, even though the tories have done as much as possible to steal most of it.

I've also split with my ex-happiness hoover, and I am in need of putting some distance and a bit of water between us....

I don't care about the house so much, but need a fettling shed!

I noticed Cle France's office is near to me, so will be popping in for a chat..... Its exciting!
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