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Default Safety Issues - Please read and add your own experiences

Having seen LT's thread update about Merv biting back, and seeing the photos of a friends son who has had a very nasty accident with an electric mower he was fixing, what are your views of Safety?

I have spent 20+ years working in a dangerous industry (Construction) and have seen some nasty things happen through stupidity, bad luck, fate or a mixture of all three. The 20 years of continuous training, and responsibility for others has definitely affected my outlook. While working on the house, I nearly always wear gloves, drilling - I always wear Safety glasses. If working on my own in the garage I always take my phone and tell my wife what time I will be back in. I don't like workout right under the car if by myself.....

I often wonder if I am just paranoid, or sensible ? and often plan how I am going to do something before I do it, and consider the risks and how I can minimise them.

I like most have done some very stupid things over the years but have hopefully learnt.

Being self employed also has affected my outlook, I can't take a week of work to heal and recover, every day off work costs me.

Have I turned soft, or sensible ? What are you lot like ?
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