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Originally Posted by clarkson View Post
It really isn't...

1. Can anyone explain to me how raping the earth for Lithium, shipping it half way around the planet, processing it and shipping it half way around the planet for a second time, turning it into batteries and shipping it for a third time is good for the environment?

2. Where are all the public charging points going to go exactly? How long will it take to install enough of the things to service all of these EVs?

3. How is designing a car with a realistic life span of 10 years good for the environment? My current fleet is 29 years old and 16 years old respectively. That Nissan Leaf was scrap. The same era Note or Juke would still be fine if it had been properly maintained.

5. How are we going to dispose of all of those lithium cells?

6. Where does the electricity come from?

7. What about people that don't have off street parking? Where are they going to plug them in?

All we are doing by embracing the EV technology that is currently on offer is deferring the environmental disaster so our kids can sort it out and we are giving ourselves a pat on the back for being so clever.

The future is us realising that our rampant consumerism has to stop and that the right to travel by mechanical means is a luxury that we cannot afford.

Anyway. I think that New New New New Top Gear is pretty good. The first two episodes have had me laughing out loud. It is a country mile better than the Grand Tour too. Clarkson, Hammond and May have had their time in the sun. I also like the way the have shifted the dynamic of the show. Clarkson, Hammond and May was two aged ex-private school boys ragging a working class oik. Now it is two working class Northern boys taking the piss out of a middle class wannabe.
Youíre right. There isnít joined up thinking when it comes to the environment.
The environmental cost for something especially cars should be looked at from the cradle to the grave
How much does it cost in environmental terms to produce ,use and dispose of something. As well as itís longevity. Our classic Veedubs may pollute more locally but the environmental cost of production has been recouped many times over. Most of our electricity is from fossil fuels so electric cars pollution is created elsewhere. At the power station not in the city.
Itís much the same with diesels they may produce more local pollution (particulates nitrous emissions etc) but far less globally than petrol as they are more fuel efficient causing less CO2 and so less greenhouse effect. The fact that they go on for many more miles than petrol means less cars have to be produced. Now scrappage schemes are being introduced so perfectly good vehicles will be once again thrown away. Howís that environmentally friendly?
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