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Originally Posted by mister pp View Post
Youíre right. There isnít joined up thinking when it comes to the environment.
The environmental cost for something especially cars should be looked at from the cradle to the grave
How much does it cost in environmental terms to produce ,use and dispose of something. As well as itís longevity. Our classic Veedubs may pollute more locally but the environmental cost of production has been recouped many times over. Most of our electricity is from fossil fuels so electric cars pollution is created elsewhere. At the power station not in the city.
Itís much the same with diesels they may produce more local pollution (particulates nitrous emissions etc) but far less globally than petrol as they are more fuel efficient causing less CO2 and so less greenhouse effect. The fact that they go on for many more miles than petrol means less cars have to be produced. Now scrappage schemes are being introduced so perfectly good vehicles will be once again thrown away. Howís that environmentally friendly?
The thing that governments/corporations are thinking about when it comes to the environment is how they can think of new ways to fleece the common man out of money. I like watching people like Elon Musk, it is comedy gold. Some of his "science" is dubious to say they least.

My car is the type of car that is eligible for scrappage. It is a perfectly good Toyota Yaris 1.4 TD. There is nothing wrong with it and it has been to the moon and back. I won't be scrapping a perfectly good car.
It's all about the FWEEM!!
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