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Originally Posted by Brian Burrows View Post

I just posted this in the 'concept' thread . . . not a bellytank racer - but 155km/h from 688cc - on three wheels!

Goliath 700-GP Record Car 688cc 1951

At Linas-Montlhéry in France Borgward established 38 world records in the under one-litre class in this Goliath three-wheeled racing car, records which stand to this day. These records were accomplished using a team of extraordinary racing car drivers including Hugo Steiner, who tragically died at Hockenheim when he attempted to improve the records even further. The record car was powered by a highly tuned (not modified) engine of the Goliath 700-GP - a 688cc 2-stroke fuel injected twin everyone could buy in any Goliath showroom. Max speed was 155km/h.
that is pretty impressive and on 3 wheels
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