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Originally Posted by Inked Dubber View Post
Those panels are great, nice one
Originally Posted by misterecks View Post
I'm liking the look of those repair panels matey

For my next project (should there be one) I would like to find a car that I can cut out the rot and fab my own repair panels instead of cutting off whole sections of bodywork and replacing it!

I can't wait until you find a welder, this should be great
Thanks guys, thought I'd best make use of the works facilities before my employment ends. Wasn't the easiest of things to get those bends in the right place esp for the driver foot plate. Downside of not using a true forming press is beating the plates flat where they need to be and not distorting the plate too much. still am very pleased with things.

and yes misterecks i can't wait till I find a welder. Once the plates are done then it's pan off to get to the rear torsion tube properly for fitting IRS brackets. Once that is done then it's rebuild time to a rolling chassis

Must admit I do like making repair parts to suit but most people haven't acquired as many tools as Moler has. I'd love to play in his garage oh yes indeedy
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